Hp G42 and G50 Bios Password Unlock Services
Here is the solution for the HP g42 and g50 Bios Password problem, Unlock your Laptop in
less than 2 business hours. We Offer HP Bios and Hard drive password, You will receive the
Master password for your laptop in your Email within 5 minutes to 2 Hours

Bios Password for all HP Laptop.
Here are the steps to unlock you HP laptop.
Removing HP  Bios Password, step 1:  turn on your HP laptop and a power on password box is
displayed with the message ,
Enter Administrator Password, now press enter 6 times.
Removing HP  Bios Password, step 2:   Password Incorrect, after pressing enter 3 times, and
after pressing enter another 6 times for the
password incorrect, you will get the 8 numbers code that
can be used to unlock your laptop,
see step 3.
Removing HP Bios Password, step 3: you get the message Enter Unlock Password  
nowhttp://biospro.com/. buy the HP password removal service and send us the 5 or 8 numbers and the
laptop model number to
unlockyourlaptop@gmail.com or simply just use the PayPal form below to send the
Numbers in this
picture is for
display purpose
only every laptop
has a different
Enter # Displayed on screen
Enter Laptop model #
BIOS and Hard drive passwords are offered for laptop displaying 8 numbers, we offer Bios
password for the 5 numbers, Also hard drive password support for the 5 numbers.
Attention: Dear Visitors, Only make the payment if your laptop produces 5 or 8 or 10 numbers, if it
does, we can help you, guaranteed, remember to send the full Number as shown, with the laptop
model number to
unlockyourlaptop@gmail.com, thanks! and yes, you will get the password within 5
minutes to 2 busines hours
For all HP Laptop that display 5, 8 or 10 numbers, we just need the numbers
displayed, as shown in picture 2, attention: these numbers are displayed after
3 wrong attempts, so just hit enter 6 times and your laptop will display any
numbers, send it to us.
Also hard drive password support for the 5 numbers,
bios and supervisor psw only
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Click here if your laptop
display 5 numbers after
entering the wrong
password 3 times.

We have bios password for :

HP G42-101XX Notebook PC ›
HP G42-200XX Notebook PC ›
HP G42-230US Notebook PC ›
HP G42-232NR Notebook PC ›
HP G42-240US Notebook PC ›
HP G42-241HE Notebook PC ›
HP G42-243CL Notebook PC ›
HP G42-247SB Notebook PC ›
HP G42-250BR Notebook PC ›
HP G42-301NR Notebook PC ›
HP G42-303DX Notebook PC ›
HP G42-328CA Notebook PC ›
HP G42-367CL Notebook PC ›
HP G42-410US Notebook PC ›
HP G42-415DX Notebook PC ›
HP G42-475DX Notebook PC ›
HP G42T-200 CTO Notebook PC ›
HP G42t-300 CTO Notebook PC ›
HP G42t-400 CTO Notebook PC ›
Also master password for:

HP G50-100 CTO Notebook PC
HP G50-101XX Notebook PC
HP G50-102CA Notebook PC
HP G50-102NR Notebook PC
HP G50-103CA Notebook PC
HP G50-103NR Notebook PC
HP G50-104CA Notebook PC
HP G50-104NR Notebook PC
HP G50-106NR Notebook PC
HP G50-108NR Notebook PC
HP G50-109NR Notebook PC
HP G50-111NR Notebook PC
HP G50-112NR Notebook PC
HP G50-113CA Notebook PC
HP G50-113NR Notebook PC
HP G50-116CA Notebook PC
HP G50-118NR Notebook PC
HP G50-120CA Notebook PC
HP G50-121CA Notebook PC
HP G50-122CA Notebook PC
HP G50-123NR Notebook PC
HP G50-124NR Notebook PC
HP G50-126NR Notebook PC
HP G50-133US Notebook PC
HP G50-201CA Notebook PC
HP G50-209CA Notebook PC
HP G50-211CA Notebook PC
HP G50-213CA Notebook PC
HP G50-215CA Notebook PC
HP G50-219CA Notebook PC  

For Windows

If your HP
Laptop display
5 numbers

The HP master
password for
the g42
provided here
will unlock your
laptop's  bios
and hard drive

Every HP
laptop has a
password, if
your laptop
shows 8
numbers, you
will get one
password that
unlocks bios
and hard drive.
How to Set Passwords on a HP Laptop

If the security of your laptop is important to you there are two levels of protection obtainable by setting passwords on
your hp laptop. One level of password security will protect your documents from intrusion, while the second level will
protect your entire laptop from intruders. But since any password security plan is only as strong as the words
themselves, make sure you don't choose passwords that are based on real-life data that could be uncovered with
good sleuthing, like your birth date, or words that could be easily "guessed" by people who know you.

1 At boot up press F1 or F2 and enter the BIOS program.

2 Navigate to "Security". Set a difficult-to-guess but memorable password to lock the laptop completely. Record this
password somewhere secure, separate from your laptop case.

3 Click "Save and Exit" and reboot the computer. When the computer reboots you'll be asked to enter the BIOS
password before Windows will load to your desktop. There is no way the average person can defeat this BIOS
password, not even by using the well-known "Safe Mode Workaround" available in Windows XP.

4 Click on "Start" and then "Control Panel".

5 Click on the "User Accounts" icon. Enter your preferred User Name (or nickname) and enter a suitable password.
Most people make the mistake of using the same password universally; frustrate intruders by entering a password that
is different from the password you entered for the BIOS.

6 Set the administrative clearance for this account. Since you are the owner of the laptop, give yourself full
"Administrative" powers by checking that box. You, as the administrator, can also limit the powers and access of others
who may use or "visit" your hp laptop: click the "Limited Account" setting to restrict the access of other users. Click
"Save" and exit Control Panel.

7 Click "Start" and then "Restart" to reboot your laptop properly and "set" these changes. When your hp reboots you
will have to enter the BIOS password to load Windows.

8 Enter your personal account password next to open your personal Windows User Account and start using your hp.

9 all done


How To Make your Laptop Stop asking for the password after you finally received the
bios or master password.

Once you received your master password from novatecdirect.com you will be able to type in the password and use your
laptop, but it will continue  to ask for the Master password until you disable it,

To disable the password from you laptop you need to do the following steps!

1) look to your keyboard and find the F2 key usually on top of the number 2, now  turn on or restart your laptop and
pressing the F2 every 1 second,  and the laptop will ask you for the BIOS password again, type it in and press enter,
you will
then go to the BIOS Setup Page.

2) once on the setup page, you will use the right arrow on your keyboard to navigate to the security tab, where it may
say :

Supervisor password is: set
User password is: set
HDD password is: set

3) Now you will use the keyboard arrow to navigate down to the available options and you will press enter, in this step a
will pop up asking you for the current password, this is the BIOS password or hard drive password that you received
from us, so
type it in and press enter again,
now you can leave the box blank and just press enter to set the password as nothing, and as you left the password
option blank
the computer will stop asking for password, do the same to the supervisor password option, hard drive password option
user password option.

4) now navigate to the exit option on your right and choose the option exit saving changes and then pres enter again.

Note: instead of leaving the password in blank to disable it, you could just enter a new password something easier to
remember, and if pressing F2 every little second does not take you to the setup page, try F10, F1, and delete and
insert, some BIOS may look different but they follow a very standard procedure.